Preserve Your Family's Legacy

Trust us to take care of mausoleum design in Edgewater, MD

Building a mausoleum helps to ensure that everyone in the family can be interred together when the times comes. Choose Edgewater Memorials for stately mausoleum design. We design, build and install family estate mausoleums. We can build anything from a single crypt to a space for six or more interments.

Mausoleums are useful because they can house both caskets and urns. No matter what choice a family member makes, they can be put to rest with the rest of their loved ones.

Contact us today to discuss the mausoleum design we do throughout Edgewater, MD and the surrounding areas including Annapolis, MD.

Personalize your family mausoleum

Custom mausoleum builders can discuss your preferences and style choices to craft a mausoleum that helps everyone honor and remember deceased family members. We preassemble mausoleums at our quarry based on your desired design.

Visitors shouldn't have to march through row after row of headstones and monuments to find your family mausoleum. Make it clear and easy to find with unique design elements and clear engravings.

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